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Demo: Vari-Lite VL4000 BeamWash

Sharing many of the VL4000 Spot design principles, the VL4000 BeamWash combines stunning wash capabilities with intense beam functionality as well as the ability to produce a powerful collimated shaft of light.  Complete with low ambient noise, high lumen output, and amazing optics, the VL4000 BeamWash is the perfect luminaire for wash, beam, and shaft looks on any stage.


  • Color System: Three filter CYM cross fading system
  • Fixed Color Wheels: Two opposing fixed color wheels with five interchangeable color filters
  • Wash Zoom Optics: A 6-element 6:1 zoom optics system, covering a range from 10 deg. to 60 deg.
  • Beam Shaping: Unique indexing and rotating beam shaping alters output from round to elliptical with minimal light loss
  • Edge and Hot Spot Control: Variable hot spot/edge adjustment provides a multitude of different wash styles.
  • Beam Zoom Optics: A 6-element 10:1 zoom optics system, covering a range from 4 deg. to 40 deg.
  • Beam Size Control: A mechanical iris provides continuous beam size control for rapid and smooth timed beam angle changes. 
  • Animation Wheel: Offers unique rotatable, indexable patterns with variable motion control from horizontal to vertical
  • Rotating Prism: Independent rotating and indexing 5-facet step prism
  • Color Temperature: 6000K
  • Fixture Output: Standard Mode - 43,000 lumens | Studio Mode - 35,000 lumens
  • Source: 1200W Philips MSR Gold FastFit Lamp
  • Range: Pan - 540 deg, Tilt - 270 deg / Accuracy: 0.3 deg resolution

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